Rebel Thriver 4-Pack Sticker Set ⚓

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We know that you love to decorate your life with little reminders to stay positive throughout the day. This sticker pack is meant to do just that. Included in this pack are four unique designs by Ella Hicks. Printed on high quality vinyl in an assortment of shapes and styles there is something for everyone. Keep them all for yourself or pass them around and share some joy with others. These are a constant reminder for you that you are never alone.

We want to see where you use your new stickers! Which is your favorite one? I have to admit that I love the striped shirt one the best. Share your pictures with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with us using the #mytribepride

Circle Sticker 2"
T-shirt Sticker 2.5 x 3"                                                                                                                                     Rectangle Sticker 2 x 3"                                                                                                                                      Oval Sticker 2 x 3"